An entire realm of fashion with Borsalino hats.

Founded by Giuseppe Borsalino in the 1850s, the era of Borsalino hats has always been quite charming and one which has held a subtle reign in the hat industry. This is not in regards to profit as there are many other types of hat that have prevailed such as the baseball cap and other head attire. Not to mention that Giuseppe Borsalino was quite a modest man who maintained undeniable passion for what he did best.

After learning about the hat trade throughout his numerous visits to France and other parts of Italy, Giuseppe Borsalino set about establishing the first ever artisan hat manufacturing company. He spent his waking days tailoring hats made from the felt derived from rabbit fur. The Borsalino company headquarters are currently located in the Alessandrian suburbs, however other offices are scattered throughout Europe and the United States. One of several people particularly noted for their love of these truly unique hats include Ernie Pyle, a famous war corespondent who was repeatedly photographed wearing these fashionable accessories. These highly trendy hats were also the driving inspiration for the 1970 gangster film, Borsalino.

Borsalino hats for sale throughout many exclusive boutiques.

Anyone in search of an interesting hat will not have to look far. The Borsalino company owns the better part of 20 single brand sales stores in Italy and they are available online from Girardi. These iconic hats have also captured the imagination of several prestigious clothes boutiques around the world including Barney's, Berdgorf & Goodman, Galeries Lafayette, Sacks Fifth Avenue, Selfridges, Neiman Marcus, Harrod's, Printemps and Bon Marche'. These hats give off an incredibly powerful image, one that is synonymous with wealth and respect, therefore it is no wonder they have become a popular fashion item with many aristocrats and celebrities too. This distinguished roster of stars include actors such as Johnny Depp, John Malkovich, Justin Timberlake, Denzel Washington and Nicole Kidman, however the list goes on.

The inception of these stunning hats came about by chance when Giuseppe Borsalino noticed common hollows in the bowlers hats worn by men caught up in the local riots at the time. Armed with his unique intuition, he took this dent and from it, created his distinctive trademark. Borsalino hats have since been altered slightly to keep up with the times, however have always remained loyal to their heritage.