Key ring

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Try to find the house or car keys into the maxi-bag, is certainly irritating! And not to mention… When you don't find the keys! It's maybe for this reasons that keychain has been invented. These small but indispensable daily accessories make life easier and, at the same time, perfect our look. Just like those exposed in the shop windows of Girardi's online store.

They are produced by famous brands and are beautiful objects to see and to show off, especially if we match them-for colours and style-with the other accessories which complete our outfit (bag, wallet, pochette, i-pad case…). They are almost all provided with safe snap-hooks and can be carried by hand, into the bag or fastened to the belt loops. In leather, steel or indestructible coloured plastic, they will give a touch of originality and class to our outfits (some of them almost look like bijoux!) and could be adopted as personal lucky charm for our days!

On the website of Girardishoes and accessories, there is a full collection of keychain and fashion accessories which only wait to be discovered!